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Let's Talk Revival

Senior Project

This show addresses the human desire to connect through a community; a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.I was assigned to create a community that I was apart of or was interested in and decide whether I would like to create an organiztion or campaign that is informative or tackles a issue within that community.


As a growing Christian, I always try to incorporate my belief into my projects as a way to thank God for the gifts he has blessed me with. The topic of "Community" was a perfect opportunity to do such and I took this chance head on.

Brand Purpose

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I have witnessed many people turn away from Christianity because of these negative acts shown towards them by other “Christians”. These actions made by the Christian community, has left people with religious scars/trauma, making people no longer see God through us, but only the hypocrite and judgemental-ness in us. Because of this, I want to have a start over, re-adjust their mindsets by taking away the preconceived opinions of christians and show who we truly are and supposed to be in Christ by going back to the foundation.

Logo Ideation

Poster Series


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Bible Journal

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App Design

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Let's Talk Revial

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