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Talk like a Caribbean


Package Design

Contest Winner

Creative Quarterly 2021
- Graphic Design - Runner up 


Creative Brief:

We were given a small metal tin in which we were to design as an informational, on the go items (hair kit), a game or a educational.  These designs were to be done in 1.5 week, printed and paste on the actual tin itself.


When I have the opportunity, I love to go back to my roots by drawing back to the Bahamas.  So for this project, my goal was to create a combination of education and game.  My tin is called "Talk like a Caribbean", which is a came where you can learn Caribbean slangs. You can select which island in the Caribbean you want to learn with one being The Bahamas.

Tin Front and Back

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

For the front, I wanted to showcase the name of the island, the game name "Talk like a Caribbean" and shapes with the islands flag color. To make each of the tins different for each island, the color would change depending on which island the customer chooses.

Card Deck Holder

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

When the tin is first opened, the buyer would first see this folded guide which also holds the book where they would insert their cards once completed.

TLAC Book Holder.jpg

Book (Card holder)

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

This is the book located in the paper fold above. This book is where you will place each of the card once complete. This is a 12 day game, with 12 cards that shows 12 slangs used by the islanders.

Card Sketch and Digital Rough

Click to enlarge

Here are the digital roughs of the cards. On the front of the card, I created this a fun movement of the letterforms that make up the slang. This was a way to want people to see what each card has.  On the back, you can find the phonetic spelling of the word to help you pronounce it, the definition as well as an example.

TLAC 1.jpg

Deck Stand

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

After lifting up the cards, this is what you will see.  This helps the cards to have a stand to sit on inside the tin instead of it just floating around. Wait there's a surprise underneath! It is said in the book holder on the 12th day, that under this stand, there will be a souvenir from the island. These items could be a Bahamian dollar bill, a key chain, a Bahamian coin, etc.

TLAC Tin Cover_edited.jpg
TLAC Card Stand.jpg

Thank You!

Talk like a Caribbean

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