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Everlasting Shades


Package Design

Contest Winner

Creative Quarterly 2021
- Graphic Design, Winner

UCDA 2021
- Identity, Honorable Mention 


Look around in your house and examine the household items that you see.  You will notice that many of them have a very bland design and may even look similar to its competitors. Its your job to change this!


Choose a household item with a simplistic packaging to redesign.  You will need to use design elements that relates to the item of your choosing. It is your task to create a new business name, logo and design elements. After which this household item will then become a series of 3. 

Step 1: 

Create a brand logo and sketches for paint can design

Brand Logo Sketches

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

This shows my design process in creating the logo for my paint cans business. I decided to create a personalized script font that portrays and incorporates the flow of the paint.

Paint Can Sketches

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

These 30 sketches is where i explored a variety of ways to design not only the front but also the back of the paint cans. This was done by using abstract drips and spills of paint across the cans.

Digital Roughs

Located below

Part 2:

Next I choose 3 of the best concepts of my sketches and begun to create digital roughs of the design. During this process I measured the size of the front, the sides and back to see where each information would be placed.

Must include:

Before laying out the design, I did my research on the information needed to be included on the cans.  These included: The name, color code, fl oz, warning, directions etc.

3 Paint Can Options

Click to zoom

When designing these three designs, I ensured that the font size was legible from a distance, I played with color and also placement.

Part 3:

Final Comps

Package Design

Now it was time to make sure the task was accomplished. 
- Does it stand out from its competitors
- Do they have the correct info.


Trial and error:

It is important to print out the design because printing it help me to realize that there was actually 4 sides of a paint can.

Paint Can Mockups

Everlasting Shades.jpg
Everlasting Shades_3.jpeg
Everlasting Shades 360 View .jpg
Everlasting Shades 3 colors mockup copy.jpg

Thank You!

Everlasting Shades

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