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AD Series

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We as a class was assigned to create a poster series on an issue of our choosing.  One of the posters had to be type dominate, the other was image dominate and the third was balanced. Upon receiving this project, I chose suicide prevention as the issue I wish to portray in my posters. With the requirement being an idiom as the headline, my choice of Idiom was “The Best is Yet to Come”.  The reason I chose this headline, was because I wanted to remind the individuals that are going through suicidal thought to always know that something better is on the way.  It probably has not come as yet, but if you hold out a little bit longer, you will see it. When it came down to the color choices, I chose purple and blue because they are the colors that represent suicide prevention.  All of the imagery was created by me in illustrator along with the cursive type that says "The Best is Yet To Come''.  This was my first time being assigned to complete a poster series but I took it as an opportunity to explore my creativity.

Programs used:

  • Adobe illustrator 

Time frame: 2 weeks

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