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Jam challenge brief

Adobe Creative Jam + Instagram

Big businesses have unlimited marketing resources, where small businesses and freelancers have to keep hustling to continue revenue flow. Instead of promoting ourselves, how might we design a solution to empower the community to highlight small businesses and/or creators through a platform of discovery?


Xposure with partner 
Iyana Williams

Case Study

Your challenge is to design an accessible third-party app for Android mobile devices that highlight people’s favorite local and undiscovered small businesses

Name Creation

In hopes to bring small business to the light, we decided to Xpose them all. Xposure is an app created not only local business but also the community.



 As for the technical aspects, we decided ask users to scan their internet to see which version (full/light) would work best for their internet connectivity. This ensures that everyone get the privilege to experience Xposure.

Ideas/Thought process

Prototype Design

We both wanted to ensure that both business owners and potential customers have an equal amount of experience while using the app. To convey this, we made different menu categories for our users. 


We choose a dark color as our main color with a neon purple and blue as a way to convey exposure. Its like bringing small business from the dark into the light.



On our homepage, you will be able to explore top local business in your area, new businesses, your favorites stores and even watch a promotional video.


In addition to this, the app also has a discovery page where locals can view different business that fit a particular category or a topic. Watch video at the bottom to view more.



Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

We even made a place where you can join a community with owners or shoppers in your business category. Once in these communities, you can host events, meet ups, and ever just update each other on deals and promotional videos.


These activities consist of challenges in which the community and other businesses can earn discounts off future purchases. This can be done by completing challenges during the week or even monthly.

43n copy.png

Xposure Mockups


Xposure, is an app where business can build up other business by joining a community, and a place where the non-business owners can support them with just a click of a button.


Thank You!


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