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Relationship Reloaded

Solo Exhibition


Relationship Reloaded is an exhibition based on the three steps of a relationship. It’s inspired by Pastor Micheal Todd’s series titled “Relationship Goals”. Come to the gallery and participate in the interactive activities that will allow you to think deeper into your singleness, explore your relationship beyond the suface, seek out advice or even tell your story.  


For this project we are going to level up their gift-giving game by providing a womens line of products that hints at specific sports teams, but explores items that women appreciate and gets the male out of the penalty box.

Package Design & Social Media Campaign

Instagram Ad. 1

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My goal was to create a product create a skin care line that women would appreciate, while utilizing the Nashville Predators colors and style to also capture the men attention.

insta mockup 2.png
insta mockup copy.png

Instagram Ad. 2

The main challenge was ensuring that men would identify this product with the Nashville Predators at first glance.


Insta square 2 copy.jpg
Insta square copy.jpg



I accomplished this challenge by using aspects about the game that Predators sports fans will know such as"

- Using catchy sayings like
"You Suck" and "Power Play" as the name of the product

- Using an organic circular patten to replicate the
movement the players make as well the shapes shown on the rink. 

- Keeping within the parameters of the initial
colors of the predators

- If you take a look, you will see white lines running through the design. These lines are
Ski marks incorporated into the design

Instagram Story

Social Media Campaign:
After completing the final products of oil and lotion, the social media campaign consisted of 2
instagram post, 1 insta story and 2 facebook banner ads

Insta Story Final.png
Insta Story.jpg
Laptop banner Mockup.png

Facebook Ad.
Banner 1

These facebook banner ads intention is to draw the audience in with specific choice of words used by predators fans. An example being "Your skin will like, it'll love it and want some more of it. 

Facebook Ad.Banner 2

I continued to remain in the specific color scheme whilst also incorporating a black and white female as a way to showcase diversity.  This alone shows that this product is for all skin tones no matter which complextion you are. 

laptop mockup 2.png
Banner Mockup copy.jpg
Banner mockup.jpg

Advertisement Collection


Below lays out each of the 5 ads. side by side to showcase how they all remained in the same style guide. Each one of these ads. has a special purpose either to attract the women or lure in the men but all in all, I believe these products can satisfy both audience leaving them "wanting more of it".

Thank You!


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