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Brand Identity 

Contest Winner


We were assigned to create a restaurant with the theme and category of our choosing. Our restaurant need to have completed and designed the following:
- 2x Advertisment
- Bags
- Restaurant items 
- Interactive Component
- Stationary 
- etc


Flux Awards
- Identity Winner

Nashville Addy's
- Integrated Branded Campaign, Silver Medal

Work National Juried Graphic Design Exhibition
- Winner

For this project, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and target more of the older adult audience.  This meant that that design had to remain simple, legible and modest. 

Brand Logo Sketches

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

When exploring the logo, I made sure to create a text base, logo base and also combination logo. I believed that the type based logo was the best option because of the fact that it was simplistic but just enough design elements to offer the customers eyes into what "Ma'hogany" is about.

Digital Roughs

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

With the elegant logo, i wanted to explore different ways to display the logo so that it could be legible on all mediums. It is because of this why a vertical horizontal and logo mark.

Thought process

Color Palette

Ma’s color scheme is a vintage based palette. It incorporates tints of brown, a mahogany red, soft tan and a golden yellow. Our main colors are red and tints of brown whilst our secondary color is our golden yellow. I wanted to stick to our 4 main color scheme to keep you in the feel of a vintage aesthetic.

Mockup 1.jpg

Items Sketches

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

I wanted to explore many different textures, patterns, and even bitmaps for my design aesthetics that would fit my vintage theme. 

Digital Roughs

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

After adding the color scheme to the digital sketches, I realized that the design was very crisp and clean. Whilst vintage items such as dollies and patterns have a rough edge to it. So I decided, to design a bitmap floral design with ragged edged and a crossed line pattern.

Items Sketches

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

These sketches helps me to visualize the design layout and also helped to ensure that I had a bases or foundation o built up on even though I had to tweak a few aspects of it.


Mockup 2.jpg
bags 2.jpg
Bag 1.jpg
App red logo.jpg
Cup 2.jpg
Mockup 3.jpg
Magazine Cover final.jpg


Menu Design Tan.jpg
Mockup 4.jpg
bags 2.jpg

Thought process

App Design

Experience Ma'Hogany's app that allows our users to order food from the comfort of their homes. 


assigned to think of liquid based household items that labels or packaging didn't stand out. I ensure that the app remained user friendly, resembled Ma'hogany's color palette and brown wooden styled background of the delicious food photos.  

App phone mockup.jpg


App Person mockup.jpg

Thank You!


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