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Hid'n Treasures


Create the cover along with a 6 page spread magazine of your choosing. The magazine can fit into the category of either, food, travel or clothing.


Upon choosing travel, I decided to make a magazine based on my hometown, The Bahamas.  It was named Hid'N Treasure as a way express how the magazine will help unlock or find unique things about the different Caribbean cultures with one being The Bahamas.


I designed a variety of different layout options which would best fit the information that I want to present. I explored overlapping element, diagonal positioning, bold letter forms and even movement with type.


Font exploration

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To create the cover page of the magazine, I decided to photoshop different photos to put together a collage of images. I then went on to explore the type treatment for the heading which was finalized with the overlapping of the photo and type.


Digital Roughs

To explore the concept further, I took the top sketches and created a digital rough to get a better look at the design. This helped me to see work out a few layout issues and even come up with ideas that will make it more successful.

6 Spread

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These spreads was designed to showcase the table of contents, Bahamian words, and even the unique things about Atlantis.  I tried to keep a similar color scheme being pink and blue with hints of yellow as well an identical typeface as a way to show cohesiveness. 


Final thoughts:


Overall, the travel magazine "Hid'n Treasures" remains to focus on new and old adventures that can be found in the Caribbean.  Its color scheme tries to stick to the islands flag color which helps our readers to connect with the island even in the comforts of their home.

If you ever want to learn the late
st updates about a Caribbean island, be sure to purchase it purchase "Hid'n Treasures" in your local stores today. 

mag 3.jpg

Thank You!

Hid'n Treaure

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