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Ma' Juice

Package Design

As a branch off from the "Ma'hogany" project, we were assigned to design a liquid and dry based product that can be sold as a branch off the restaurant. We were then asked to design the packaging of the items as botth series.  


I decided to design to choose a juice as my liquid and a muffin as my dry. To make it different, I played with the name of each item to make it unique to the brand.


Nashvillle Addy's 2022
- Package Design, Silver award


Contest Winner

Name Creation & Items Sketches

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

When unlocking a variety of design ideas, i thought about the graphics being the a sketched line of the fruit for each drink.  This would relate back to one of the aspects of Ma'hogany which is a vintage, imperfect look. 


Thought Process:

Digitals Rough

With the name of each drink/muffins starting with Ma' I wanted to give it a vintage/old fashion sound when said. This was placed on the side of each drink with the color changing depending on the type of drink or muffin bought.

On the other side of the juice bottle, you can then be able to read Ma's story.


Ma'Muffins Front Design

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

Ma'Muffins Back Design

Hover over sketches, then use the arrow

Final thoughts:


Overall, I wanted to try my best to ensure that the entire design is very cohesive with one another, by adding similar elements such as the grid pattern, imperfect line art fruits, and even personalized names for each food or drink. Below I made some mockups that would capture the essential parts of the concepts.

This was done by zooming into the design, add a liquid spill, applying water drips and even fruits to make it all come together. 

Muffins 1.jpg
Drink Spill zoomed.jpg

Thank You!


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